Me Social?

When most companies think about social media, they get vey nervous. We have seen in the media how one tweet on a Twitter account can cause viral success or viral failure. Today I want to discuss why it is so important for YOU to be social. It’s time to get Social!

Being Social

Even the most extrovert person sometimes can get nervous about being social. We are social creatures, but our online environment has seen its share of reasons to be nervous about sharing information online.  We want to connect with our audience but we also don’t want to scare them away by trying new things.  Social media isn’t just something to ad onto our internet experience, it is the Internet. It is the force that drives most headlines.

So how do we get social?

  1. Knowing your audience: Who buys from you? Who wants what you have? What are they interested in? These are all questions you have to answer for yourself. You can even ask them questions via social media. The great and worst option about this is that people will tell you what they really really want. This should be something you want to know in order to grow bigger and better.
  2.   Interact with your audience: Do you know why YouTube has the skip ad and people install ad blockers so they can avoid ads? People, namely your audience doesn’t want to see advertisements. You have to “talk” with your customers through your posts. Get them to give you their thoughts on your products, service, event, etc.  DO not just only post what you have to buy, post things that can give them an experience with you. What makes the difference between 2 stores selling the same product? Customer service, you are here to serve them in  th way they want to be served.



Knowing this, now it’s time to implement it. You want to do a lot of research on this. Put yourself into your customer’s shoes. What do you love about your company? What drives your company forward? Share that. Put your passion behind your product and sell them on You! Now go be social and make this world a better place through your business!


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