Who Do I Help?


All of the services that are listed here on my website, are offered completely free and you will not be charged for the work I do for you. I limit my services to geeky orientated companies and products. So if you are a local convention, non-profit organization, store, vendor, kickstarter project here in the DFW area, you are my target prospects. The only requirements is that you are helping  build our communities up through your geeky influence, this means no big corporations, I work for the underdog.), This is my heart and passion. Therefore it will be seen in the work I do for you.

Please also understand I will be promoting for lots of different companies. I am not just your social media marketing and event promoter. I am here to help you. This is your work I am only here to assist you in the best way I know how, through social media and event promotions.

If this fits you, then please contact me via my contact page and send me your information. Send your websites and other related material that you want me to review. I will look it over and contact you as soon as possible.

Here are some organizations that I xurrently have helped or have helped in the past. Big and Small. They all matter to our community.